For Horses equestrian wear is designed created and produced entirely in Italy. Andrea Piovan and Giovanna Novello, husband and wife, started For Horses in 2002 driven by a passion for equestrian sport, a love of horses, and the desire to create unique and exclusive products. Giovanna is a designer and stylist with a long experience in the textiles sector and sport clothing, for dance and leisure wear, who combined her know-how with that of her husband Andrea, a chemical textile engineer.She grew up learning about fashion in her family’s dance wear business; during the 1980’s they introduced a new concept of lifestyle dance clothing to enormous success that changed the industry forever. Her mother is a designer and stylist, both brothers are stylists and creative, and her father is an entrepreneur with a creative soul and great intuition for new trends and social changes.

Andrea comes from a family of chemical engineers, his father was a chemist for a well-known international company, and he himself has matured a long experience in the textiles sector, from the dying process to the finishing of fabrics and yarns. Andrea has had a passion for horses since childhood and gained a deep knowledge of the equestrian sector as a rider and avid horseman. The For Horses collection comes from this perfect union, along with a continuous focus on the use of highly technical materials and clothing fashion trends.

FOR HORSES is proudly and exclusively made in Italy by skilled artisans.